SLR Roehampton 2002

The Sociology of Language and Religion Colloquium – June 20-22, 2002

The complex interface between the Sociology of Language and Religion was the theme of a colloquium held at the University of Surrey Roehampton in London from June 20 to 22, 2002.

“Such a colloquium has become necessary in the light of the debates surrounding issues of ideology and identity triggered by language and religion in different parts of the world in recent times. The various discourses that have emerged around the aeroblasting of the World Trade Centre and The Pentagon in New York and Washington DC respectively give sanction to these discussions. We recognise this to be an interdisciplinary project, and therefore expect that the theoretical and methodological arguments which will drive the discussions will be diverse.” (extract from original invitation)

Twenty-four scholars drawn from around the world led discussions which covered several faiths (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Bahai, Hinduism, Buddhism and African Traditional Religions among others) and languages. The lead discussants included eminent names such as Joshua Fishman (Stanford/Yeshiva), John Joseph (Edinburgh), Yasir Suleiman (Edinburgh), Rajeshwari Pandariphande (Urbana), Muhammad Amara (Bar-Ilan), Phyllis Chew (NIE Singapore), Hans-georg Wolf (Humboldt), Efurosibina Adegbija (Ilorin), Anya Woods (Monash), and Nkonko Kamwangamalu (Natal).

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