God in the City SS19 Berlin 2012

God in the City

A thematic session held at the 19th Sociolinguistics Symposium at the Freie Universität Berlin in August 2012

Chaired by Tope Omoniyi and Christian Muench


Papers presented:

  1. The language of Jewish worship in the city (Bernard Spolsky)
  2. Jewish Identities in the Last Days of Empire: Language Repertoires in Turn- of-the- Century Lviv (Tracie L Wilson)
  3. Ethnolinguistic and Religious Identity Negotiation of Muslims in Singapore (Yurni Irwati Said-Sirhan)
  4. Religious language and slang as resources in constructing religious identity in an urban setting (Laura Paananen)
  5. Addressing a city of unbelievers: Discursive practices of Christian preachers in the constitution of “us” and “them” (Martin Havlík)
  6. Political Empowerment of Immigrants through Language Development and Participation in church life (Xaé Alicia Reyes)
  7. Spirit possession and sense-making processes in Brazilian Umbanda (Alexandra Maria Duppé)
  8. Faith, language and identity in Latino Churches in the United States (Christian Münch)
  9. The role of religious practices for sustainability of a minority group: the case of Catholic and Muslim Albanians in Croatian urban settings (Mirna Jernej, Lucija Šimičić)
  10. Beyond the Great Tradition: A Conceptual Framework for the Study of ‘Religious Classicals’ (Brian Bennett)

 Link to conference website.

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