The SLR website seeks to do a number of related things:

Firstly, we hope it will serve as a halting place for anyone seeking to explore the sociological interface between language and religion, both broadly understood.

Secondly, it should provide a general overview of the activities undertaken by the developing SLR community (conferences, colloquia and symposia; papers presented; publications; and other general activities).

Thirdly, it should assist members of the SLR community to showcase and present their work to the research community more broadly as well as to the online public audience.  It is also hoped that the website will be a means of increasing the size of the SLR community.

Finally, and importantly, it represents the legacy of the two SLR founders, Professor Joshua A. Fishman and Tope (Sky) Omoniyi, whose work in this area has been an inspiration and motivation for all those involved in this emerging discipline. Sadly, we have now lost both Joshua, or ‘Shikl’, as he was known to many (died March 1, 2015), and Tope (died May 27, 2017).

Obituaries for Joshua Fishman can be found here and here. And for Tope Omoniyi here and here.

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